Innovation & Organizational consulting

I guide you and your team through the process of creating and improving products and services but not without reflecting on: How do the products, services, business models you are working on will impact the individual, the collective/ the organization, the end consumer and the world at large?

„Everyone designs who devises courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones."

– Herbert Simon


I founded and lead the innovation consultancy called
New Order Design
where we co-strategize with you design-led innovation and transformation processes – striving for a new order.

As a strategic change agency we consult, create & deliver on change processes within your organization; from supporting your innovation teams with training, research or facilitating workshops and events with customers to strategic organization change and business development support. As strategic designers, we focus on social and business value rather than on concrete artifacts. Our heart is with projects that tackle societal and environmental challenges – in the private and public sector in Germany and beyond. 

Working with leadership and innovation teams

I work with teams in the public and private sector, as well as with leadership teams to guide their innovation or transformation process – from start to end. It’s important for me to create an inclusive work atmosphere while being clear on strategic goals and outcomes. My personal goal is to enable the team or leadership team to work on their challenges themselves aiming for personal and professional growth and learning.

Events that provide personal growths

I have been running various events here in the RheinMain area, such as learning journeys to provide an insight into different ways of working, different organisational contexts and topics such as entrepreneurship, sustainability, cooperations, social innovation mostly for corporate organisations. While we explore together a city and its start-ups and innovative organisations, the participants experience new worlds – of working, thinking and doing and we reflect on what are the elements they will take home for themselves in order to integrate them into their work life.

„I had a meeting with the team yesterday and the colleagues were really happy and also spoke very enthusiastically about your workshop day.“
– Iris, Stadt Wiesbaden
„I wanted to share progress from the project with you and show you that the process started with you is running successfully. The leadership team was very happy. So we are still full of motivation and really all managers are highly motivated still. This strong community is really great.“
– Joachim, Jobcenter
„Thank you again for the well-run workshop. The results are really impressive! We are already working on the follow-ups and trying to take the “drive” with us.“
– Susanne H.
„We are still very excited about the success of the event that we organized together. It was totally worth it! Many thanks again for your great support.“
– Andreas W.