Circular Business

It’s a no brainer that we can not produce, consume and live as we are currently used to and that there are better ways of doing really everything. I love creating and conceiving products, services and companies and cities as prototypes for a better – more circular future with you.

„Waste is a design flaw."

– unknown


Wear. Repair. Return. Repeat.

The label Solostücke – Radical new lifestyles develops long-lasting sweatshirts and hoodies that are produced in small series in Germany in an environmentally friendly, fair, transparent and recyclable manner. By processing unused leftover materials (so-called deadstock material), which we source in Germany via our Circular Flow platform, we already save a lot of CO2 and water by using these materials. Our products are made from 100% cotton material and are designed for end-of-life recycling. If a Solostück is no longer needed, it can simply be returned to us and we can refurbish it and resell it or send it to high-quality recycling. Each of our products has a QR code that provides information on raw material origin, impact, supply chain and returns: Wear.Repair.Return.Repeat.

Featured In

Circular Flow

Circular Flow is the first online marketplace for buying and re-selling leftover textile raw materials (deadstock fabric) and production additives. By matching supply and demand, we make sure that these materials will be valued and reused instead of becoming normal household waste.

In the press

Svenja Bickert-Appleby, Gründerin von Solostücke | „Eines meiner Lieblingswörter als Kind war schon „selber“.“

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Solostücke - textiles Startup des Monats

Startup Pitch:
Circular Flow – Der erste wirkungsberechnende Marktplatz für den An- und Verkauf von kreislauffähigen textilen Produktionsmaterialien in Deutschland…weiterlesen